15 steps for creating the perfect smoky eye look

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15 steps for creating the perfect smoky eye look

If you want that smoky look, but aren’t quite sure how to get it, keep reading! Here are 15 steps for creating the perfect smoky eye look, it’s easier than you think!

1. Practice makes perfect

If you plan to wear your new smoky eye look to a special event, it’s important to practice ahead of time. This will allow you to perfect your technique and even choose exactly the right color shadows and liners so you don’t have to rush it on the night. Practice makes perfect!  You can even add some glitter or go with the matte look, but practicing it beforehand is always the best idea!


2. Gather The Right Tools

Before you start on your smoky eyes, gather all of the makeup and tools you’ll need. Grab two or three small shadow brushes, one to include a blender bush, as well as a few cotton swabs (for clean-up). You’re ready to go!  Also make sure that everything is very clean and that it is good quality.  Laying everything out before you start will save you from having to stop and start again!


3. Start with a Clean Canvas

Before you start on your smoky eye look, be sure to remove all other eye makeup. You want all of the eye makeup off of your eyes, so that way you can really take your smoky eye look to the next level.


4. Don’t Neglect Your Brows

Before you start applying makeup, make sure your brows are tweezed and shaped. You’ll look more polished and your makeup will apply much easier. It’s always best to get a good shape from a professional and keep them tidy yourself. Always fill in your brows with a brow palette like our HD Brow palette €30 to add definition.


5. Use The Right Colours

The most glam smoky eye looks include colours like grey and black, but it’s best to experiment with colours that make your own eye colour pop. For green eyes, use deep purples, browns and gold’s. For blue eyes, use navy blues or even some copper colours to really draw out the blue in your eyes. For brown eyes, use pinks and even some purples along with some greys to really draw out the brown. However, any colours work too, mix and match!



6. Use a Good Primer

To even out your lid tone and give you a good base to start your smoky eye look, use a good primer. I love Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Primer. It’s got a little glimmer to it, and it covers freckles and veins on your lids nicely.  This will also keep your eye makeup on well past the time it is supposed to.


7. Use Concealer

Below your eyes, use your everyday concealer to hide dark circles and even out your skin tone. You want everyone to notice your sultry, smoky eyes, not the dark circles underneath them, so be sure to use concealer before you begin.


8. Set your Concealer

Always set your concealer and foundation with pressed or loose powder, this will keep your makeup in place all night long!


9. Line Your Eyes

Step one is to line your eyes with a dark pencil liner. Apply the liner as close to your lash line as possible on the upper lid, then smudge it so the line is feathery, not heavy-looking or clumpy.  You can even add the colour into the waterline, just to add that extra drama!


10. Apply Shadow


Now it’s time to shadow. Use a dark hue on top of your liner, and cover your entire lid, all the way across from the inside (closest to your nose) to the outside (angled in a line to meet your brow). Again, apply with a light hand. Now use a lighter hue to highlight a spot in the center of your lid, and brush it lightly along your lower lash line. For more drama, add the darker shade along your lower lash line, too, with a very light hand.


11. Blending Is Key

When applying shadow, it’s important to use layers, rather than applying a thick layer all at once. The light layering will provide dimension and depth to your smoky eye look, and won’t look cheap or hurried. Blend, Blend , Blend, this will bring your smoky eye to life!


12. Apply Mascara

Next, apply two or three coats of mascara, either black or brown-black, depending on the palette of liner and shadows you’ve used. Remember, you don’t want to let the layers dry, otherwise they will look very clumpy and you’ll end up with spidery lashes.


13. Add False Lashes for Extra Smoky Eye Glam

If you want a little extra smoky eye glam, apply false lashes before you start the primer and concealer. Give the adhesive plenty of time to dry before you start working on your eyes.

14. Clean up

Once you’re done with liner, shadow, and mascara, use the clean cotton swabs to remove any accidental smears or smudges on your face… you’ll be surprised where your shadow ends up! If necessary, dab on a little more concealer.

15. Avoid Over Doing The Drama

Once your smoky eyes are complete, your face is almost done. Avoid using dramatic blush or bronzer, and stay away from bright lips. Go for something like nude lips or a pale pink gloss… you don’t want anything distracting from your gorgeous smoky eyes!




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