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Tanning & Make-Up


This tan can be washed after 4 hours for a lighter tan or left overnight for a deeper colour.



Vani-T Velocity  €35
100% natural and organic
Now you don’t have to wait for hours for your tan to develop or leave tan remnants on your sheets!
Wash off your tan after 1 hour (light tan), 2 hours (medium tan), 3 – 4 hours (dark tan).

Make Up

At Beauty Laine we use top brands such as Mac, Fuschia, Benefit and Urban Decay Make-Up.

Add on lashes to makeup €12
Eye makeup only €25


Semi-Permanent Brows

“Get the Brows you’ve always dreamed of”
Extremely subtle semi-permanent make-up (micro-pigmentation) for the enhancement of the Eyebrows can now be achieved through a cosmetic acupuncture technique which lasts up to 3 years, depending on each individual client.
Many celebrities, male and female, are now using semi-permanent make-up to define eyebrows that are disappearing due to over-plucking or ageing.  But the most dramatic results have been achieved with post-cancer patients. Clients who have lost their eyebrows and lashes through chemotherapy can be replaced using the fine stroke technique. It is also wonderful for anyone suffering from alopecia and it can also be used on scar tissue to blend out the discolouration. Several different shades are available and can be blended to exactly match the client’s colouring.

Who should use permanent make up?
Those who:

Apply their makeup daily
Suffer from alopecia or other hair loss problems
Lead an active or athletic lifestyle
Are dissatisfied with the shape of their eyebrows
Want to save time due to their busy schedules
Want more confidence and want to enjoy a no fuss beauty routine
Have vision problems while applying make up
Have oily skin
Want to permanently look their best
A consultation is required. Prices from €250 for 2 Treatments
To Book your consultation  PH: 018916838